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Are you interested in locating international suppliers or potential clients in Castellón? Are you looking for a location for your company? Do you need help with carrying out a transaction? Are you looking for specific worker profiles?

With With more than 120 years of history, the Castellón Chamber of Commerce has witnessed the economic development of the province of Castellón for more than a century. And, since then, the Chamber has ensured that the companies in its territory remain competitive through training, advising, internationalisation, innovation, economic studies and aid, etc.

The Castellón Chamber of Commerce offers you its ample experience and a range of services that will help you speed up your settlement in our province and your commercial exchange with local companies.

What do we offer you?


We can help you find the perfect location

for your factory or business


Client search

Solutions for recruiting the best people for your company

Specific training

to improve the skills of your human resources



in the necessary procedures to start up your company

Comprehensive information and consulting service in international operations and management to provide solutions for companies during their international expansion:

  • Documentation
  • Operations and management
  • Tariffs and tariff classification
  • Payment methods
  • Logistics
  • Taxation
  • International agreements
  • Patents and trademarks

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